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To get the full value of our Customer Support Services you should review the Odoo support and license models.  

This short Q&A is designed to help you better understand your options and ensure you get the most value from your support agreement with us here at Linserv, from Odoo SA, from the OCA or any other third party developer.

The power of Odoo is its flexibility, the system can be configured and tailor made to meet your business requirements, no matter how complex.  

Our support and service is the same, flexible and adapted to your specific business needs.  You are free to combine services from various suppliers.  Here are Linserv we let customers choose between our "Full Service - one stop shop" and "ad-hoc support" for those companies that prefer the "do it yourself" model.

What are the main groups of code in Odoo and what do I “own”?

Odoo Community is the core upon which Odoo Enterprise is built.  Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise source code are both licensed under LGPL V3.  Odoo Enterprise comprises a group of extensions (apps) and a number of additional services provided by Odoo SA exclusively available to Enterprise Customers..  

Additional code (apps and modifications to apps) can be added to the source code “stack” without limitations.  You can find additional programs in Odoo “App Store”, develop your own code, or ask third party developer to make custom code for you.

You “own” and are responsible for any code you develop yourself.  Code you purchase from the “app store” is provided under the terms of the license setout in the code.

Generally you own any code that you request any 3rd party to specifically develop on your behalf.  The code we develop at Linserv is published under the terms of the OPL.  There are rules governing how source code can be managed and shared and you are advised to read the GPL, OPL and LGPL licenses for more information.

You are not required to publish or share your “own” code in any specific forum or repository.

However, if you wish to publish your code (share and include in the Odoo source) your work will be acknowledged and the code will be available under the terms of the selected license.

What support can I get from OCA?

OCA  (Odoo Community) supports the Community Source code on a voluntary community basis.

There are many companies and individual developers that provide support for a fee.

You can participate in the in community, receive support and or contribute https://github.com/OCA

What support can I get from Odoo SA?




Odoo SA provides a standard test environment complete with standardised test data.  You can test all Enterprise apps, standardised setup and common business processes in this environment for all the currently supported versions


What support can I get from other 3rd party app suppliers?

Check the suppliers webpage or the license in the code.

What services do Linserv offer?

We offer Odoo consulting and support services, including system installation, configuration and operation.  We advise on business processes and Odoo best practices for both configuration and use.  We provide development and integration services. We provide support for Odoo upgrades and maintenance. 

What support options does Linserv offer?

All of our support services are charged.  We offer fixed price VM infrastructure that is optimized for Odoo including fixed price patch and fixed price upgrade services.  We offer end-user support via telephone, or mail - our Support ticket system.  Our minimum charge is 30 min at the published or agreed hourly rate.  We offer development services (programming) of customized applications and modifications.

Customers that run their on-premise instance in our Cloudworkz environment are entitled to:

  • our SLA terms

  • the use of our SE Localisations

  • our CI/CD environment

  • our backup services

  • fixed price deployments (prod and test)

  • test keys

Customers with a 12 month contract (upgrades) are entitled to additional support to resolve program errors (bug-fixes) without additional charges.  Check the terms of your agreement.

How are Linserv support tickets classified?

When you request support from Linserv a ticket is created in our Helpdesk. Generally you will be charged a minimum of 30 min for any support issue.  Depending on the terms of your support contract some services may be provided without additional charges.

Support issues are classified as follows:

  • General Support (how to support)

  • Request for changes (changes to current configuration or specific development)

  • Data Cleaning/Entry (Mass update of customer data -  note  we do not typically update user data in production instances)

  • Application Error (code error or bug)

  • System Operations (issues related to server or network infrastructure)

What is included in the Linserv SLA?


We take system availability and security very seriously.  We are constantly monitoring your system, we implement only well tested backup and recovery routines, We access your system and data only with your explicit permission, we log our work and activity in your system.

Where is my custom code kept?

Each instance in our VM is managed in our CI/CD solution based on GIT “best practices”.  Original source code can be taken from many repositories both public and private.  All code maintained by us used in your specific instance is managed by us via a single GIT repository.  This ensures we can quickly recreate your instance should you require a new test system, need to move your instance to other infrastructure or should we need to restore your instance from backup.

This means your instance is “yours and yours alone”.  You can move it to another supplier or your own in-house servers at any time 100% guaranteed.  

Who can access my system?

Only users authorised by you can access your instance.  We access your instance using encrypted SSH keys (SHA-2).  We only access your production instance when specifically authorised by your approved “key users” (request via ticket or telephone call).

What is included in the standard Linserv Maintenance Contract?


In certain cases we can provide a fixed price agreement for the support of customer specific modifications.  Please contact us for a quote.

Can Linserv offer expert support for other countries?

We work closely with Gold and Silver partners and have co-operation agreements and ongoing projects with partners in a number EU countries. Contact us for more information on the your specific needs