Odoo Maintenance and Support Contracts

As you use more Odoo applications to support your business you will want to keep your system optimised and updated with the latest features and functionality.  Odoo SA and the community are constantly (daily) releasing updates and security patches. 

For a fixed monthly cost (Operations Agreement) we can keep your instance optimised and up to date. 

When you are ready to upgrade to latest version we make sure that it happens efficiently and without interruption to your daily business (Maintenance and Support Agreement).

Customers with a valid Operations and/or Maintenance agreement enjoy additional discount on our standard hourly rates.

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Our services include

Fixed price version upgrades

Upgrade to the latest version quickly and efficiently

Continuous code upgrade

Customer specific and third party code upgrades

Access to localisations

Legal and tax-related features updated and supported 

Technical conversion and instances

No hidden cost for test and dev instances and technical support

System maintenance and support

Keep your business running smoothly and effectively

Monthly patches and hot-fix

Security patches and system optimisation

Support for program errors

The support you need to resolve program errors as quickly as possible

First line technical support

Technical support and advice at no extra charge

General terms of service

Maintenance and Support contract is charged monthly for a minimum of 12 months.  The monthly charged is based on the Odoo "cloc" line count. The customer is entitled to one version upgrade is during each 12 month period.  An extra one time charge of 12,500 kr is applied at the commencement of the upgrade for administration and provisioning of test and development instances and related database instances.

General "how to" support related standard Odoo functionality and operation is included in the service.

Program bugs and errors are defined as follows:  A program does not function according to specification and the error can be replicated in a standard test instance (test data is standardised)

First-line support, definitions

Technical support is defined as all support related to the technical environment including VM and network related services.

First-line end-user support is defined as support to users in the form of advice or help related to the operation of the system in current configuration and with the currently installed applications and settings.  

First-line end-user support does not include: import export of data, data quality tests and corrections, changes to configuration and settings to implement new functions or resources.

Services that are always charged separately

Provision of resources and infrastructure.

Support related to import/export of data and data cleaning and or data validation.

Implementation of new functions, features, applications, interfaces and programs.

Additional services related to pay for service transactions (including but not limited to OCR, InExchange, AI transactions etc.)

End user training related to customer specific business processes (processes that require an understanding of your company practices and routines), including but not limited to financial processes and practices, production and project planning models practices including GMP.