Swedish Accounting ready!

odoo makes Accounting easier than ever before

Odoo is translated to support 23 languages and there are country specific finance and accounting apps for most countries.

Each year we release an updated Swedish Accounting package to meet Skatteverket's 'redovisning och moms' requirement - free to our customers.

Odoo has great tools to help you simplify and automate your work from the very first day!

  • Import bank statements directly into Odoo

  • Create professional invoices directly from customer orders

  • Manage recurring invoices easily and automatically

  • Get control of supplier invoices, with online import and approval functionality

  • Automate reconciliation process and reduce time by more than 50% 

Let us demonstrate how easy it is to create more business transparency with help of Odoo finance and accounting. Import bank statements, export to bankgiro, scan in your supplier invoices direct from your photocopier and create your vendor payments directly in the system. No more shelves filled with paper invoices and copies - everything online!
Odoo accounting and finance will change the way you see and manage your business.


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